January 14, 2022 | by: isaacpiotrowski

The Municipal Council of the Village of Atholville Held a Press Conference in Response to New Brunswick’s Proposed Amalgamation



The Municipal Council of the Village of Atholville held a press conference on Friday, January 14th at 11:30am at the Alma Hall in response to the proposed amalgamation contained in the Local Governance Reform White Paper for Entity 7 and the Rural District of RSC 2 – Restigouche.


The Village of Atholville and Tide Head are continuing to join with the LSD of Glencoe and the LSD of Balmoral-Maltais (20%) to form a new municipality. This smaller amalgamation would have a population of 4,730 and a tax base of over $322 million. Although this proposal met the population (4,000) and tax base ($200 million) criteria, it was rejected by Minister Allain.


The second counter-proposal by the Villages of Atholville and Tide Head proposed an amalgamation with the LSD Glencoe, LSD Balmoral-Maltais (20%), LSD Addington, LSD Eldon (98%), LSD Flatlands and LSD Mann’s Mountain. This grouping contains a tax base of over $350 million and would include 5,543 citizens.


Jean-Guy Levesque, Mayor of Atholville said: “We believe that our latest proposal will better position the region to plan and work collaboratively, to build capacity and to meet the many challenges of today and tomorrow.”