September 7, 2022 | by: isaacpiotrowski

Official Launch of the New Alma Hall Committee



The Village of Atholville is proud to present its new Alma Hall Committee. Since its acquisition by the municipality in 2013, Alma Hall will have, for the very first time, a committee that will see to the proper functioning of the hall.


The committee’s mission, by focusing on the activities of Alma Hall, is to animate a living environment that leads to the development of the community, volunteer involvement and active participation of all, through recreation, culture and community and social action and to facilitate the accessibility of Alma Hall.


Alma Hall is a direct link in the animation of the Municipality. The hall is known and recognized as a gateway to the municipality and a living environment where social diversity in all its forms is lived. It plays a role as an actor of social change and is the voice of the citizens.


We are very pleased to introduce the members of the committee and look forward to working together