August 26, 2022 | by: isaacpiotrowski

New Municipal Chief Administrative Officers Appointed in Restigouche



As a result of the Local Governance Reform, the newly created municipalities undertook an independent hiring process to select a Chief Administrative Officer.  The positions were advertised through an external recruitment firm and interview were carried out by a hiring committee over the summer months.


The following individuals have now been confirmed as the new CAO’s for the following municipalities:


Entity 7 (Campbellton Regional Community)

Manon Cloutier, P.Eng, MBA has been appointed to serve her municipality, she brings many years of Senior Management experience as former City Engineer and CAO to the table, is fluently bilingual and has a very solid track record in municipal administration and operations.


Entity 8 (Bois-Joli)

Kim Bujold has been appointed to serve her new municipality, she brings a strong management background and many years of experience in overseeing her former municipality, Eel River Dundee.  Kim is flently bilingual and has been instrumental in the amalgamation project with Dundee in the last few years.


Entity 9 (Heron Bay)

Gilles Legacy, BBA has been appointed to serve his new municipality, he brings a solid management experience in the industrial sector and a business approach to this position.  Gilles is fluently bilingual and is an active member of many sporting and cultural activities in the region.


The newly appointed CAO will be in office as of January 1st, 2023 in their newly formed municipality, and will begin working with the transition facilitator as of September to oversee the budget development, organizational chart, governance framework, and preparing the swearing-in ceremonies of the new Councils that will be elected on November 28th, 2022.


According to the Transition Facilitator for these entities, Yves Gagnon: ‘’The region is fortunate to have these experienced administrators that will lead the implementation of the municipal reform, it will be a pleasure to work with these very competent professionals in the final stages of transition. ‘’