April 28, 2021 | by: isaacpiotrowski

Eel River Dundee Announces Funding Approval for the Paving of a Section of Route 275 – Prinicpal Street.


Eel River Dundee, April 28, 2021, The village of Eel River Dundee is proud to announce funding approval for the paving of a section of Route 275 – Principal Street.


This will be Phase 2, a continuation of the paving done in 2018; it will commence where the last pavement project terminated, near Church Street and continue up to Arsenault Street for a total of approximately 1.2 km and a value of $635,000. The paving will be done during the summer months of 2021.


The project includes additional parking space along the street at the Participarc to better access our infrastructure (playground, splash pad, softball field, ice cream shop, other).


We would like to thank Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Jill Green for the funding approval for this project.


“We are proud to be able to announce this upgrade on the section of the regional Road, Route 275 in our Village. Citizens and regions will certainly benefit from this, especially with all the heavy trucks that pass by regularly,” says Deputy Mayor Mario Pelletier. “I would also like to thank the General Director and the employees for their efforts and hard work to achieve this project. We will continue to work closely with the Minister in order to keep on improving our infrastructures. The next priority with the government is the paving a section of Route 280, from LeBlanc Street to Splude Street.”


For more information:

Deputy Mayor Mario Pelletier

506 789-3459 or mario.pelletier1@gnb.ca