July 21, 2021 | by: isaacpiotrowski

Dalhousie, NB’s Hydroelectric Turbine Could Start Generating Energy by August 2021



Dalhousie, NB’s hydroelectric turbine could start generating energy as early as next month.


The hydroelectric turbine was installed last year in the large pipe which supplies the town with water from the Charlo Dam.


It was supposed to be operational in May 2020 with the town selling the electricity to NB Power, but according to The Tribune, restrictions prevented town employees from getting necessary training from the manufacturer.


Last month, NB Power had last-minute concerns causing further delays, but as of Monday, July 19th, the town confirmed that operations should start by Sunday, August 8th.


The turbine is expected to generate more than 99,000 kilowatts of power daily, and the town projects annual revenue of $85,000.