January 13, 2022 | by: isaacpiotrowski

A Village of Atholville Survey Shows 92% of Residents Are in Favour of Council Challenging New Brunswick’s Proposed Municipal Reform



A survey from Village of Atholville, with 601 respondents, shows that 92% of Athollville residents are in favour of the village council challenging New Brunswick’s proposed municipal reform for the area.


Village of Atholville Mayor Jean-Guy Levesque says he is delighted: “The people of Atholville have spoken loud and clear and I am very pleased with the results of this survey. I am very pleased with the great participation of our citizens in the survey regarding municipal reform. I am doubly pleased that the message we are receiving from our people is that we must continue to dialogue with our provincial representatives in order to assert our position and to continue to be creative in our demands.”.


Under the provincial plan, Athollville would be amalgamated with the City of Campbellton, the Village of Tide Head and portions of several area LSD’s. Village council has instead asked the
province to consider a smaller regional amalgamation of Tide Head, Atholville and some areas of local LSD, a merger that would not include Campbellton.


The survey was conducted via the Atholville Messenger asking citizens to place their response in a box located in one of the 3 areas of the Village of Atholville. The survey was also conducted online from January 4 to 7, 2022 via the Survey Monkey platform. The survey was conducted in English and French