May 4, 2021 | by: isaacpiotrowski

A. Landry Fabrication (ALFAB) Coming to the Restigouche Industrial Park in Eel River Dundee



Eel River Dundee, May 4, 2021, The village of Eel River Dundee is glad to welcome A.L Fabrication in our Industrial Park!

They will commence moving into the building at 1 Admiral Street in May. This building was previously occupied by John Drapeau Diesel.

A. Landry Fabrication (ALFAB) was founded in 1999, well known for making forestry conversion kits for excavators and other custom applications. The company was later incorporated in 2004. Its founder, Mr. Armand Landry, owner of A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd. is a well-respected business person in New Brunswick.

ALFAB excels in custom fabrication and assembly, in addition to developing strong engineering and concept-design services to the heavy-equipment and forestry sectors.

“It is with open arms that we welcome ALFAB to our municipality. It is certain that our citizens and the neighbouring regions will benefit, since this impact on several job creations,” declares Mario Pelletier, Deputy Mayor. “The development of our industrial park and the creation of jobs are always on our list of priorities and ALFAB gives us the opportunity to fulfil these.”

We are looking forward to expanding our business in Eel River Dundee.” Declares Serge Landry. “The expansion of ALFAB in the Restigouche Industrial Park will create durable jobs. The official opening is scheduled in Fall 2021.”

For more information:

Deputy Mayor Mario Pelletier

506 789-3459 or