Weekends with Fern

Weekends with Fern


CKNB Weekends with Fern

Fern "online" Lavigne is an Eel River Crossing native where he now lives with his girlfriend and there combined familly of 5 kids. Fern is mostly praised for his cooking talents and his interest in technology.

Being the "french guy" on staff fern tries his hardest to keep his accent in check while announcing but doesn't always succeed. he still has trouble with saying the number three most of the time.

During the week fern spends most of his time with his familly but when the kids are at school he rocks out online as his *furry alter ego Drake. DJ-ing at various virtual clubs in the online community.

fern was also a host on internet radio stations for 4 years before his girlfriend kicked him out of the van in front of the CKNB station forcing him to go and apply for a job.

And now fern looks fowards to each weekend for what he considers his "peacefull time away from home" when he comes into work and hosts the weekend show.

*a furry is an anthropomorphic being... bassically a human mixed with an animal not to be mistaken with a werewolf or such mythical creature... being a online furry let's fern show his cute and fluffy side :)

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