Nabob Pledge Slider
January 12, 2018 - February 4, 2018


  • NABOB has partnered with Tree Canada to spread awareness of their recyclable coffee pods while supporting reforestation efforts across the country
  • NABOB invites all Canadians to take the Pod Pledge at, and for each pledge taken online, Nabob will donate a tree sapling in areas of need – help NABOB and Tree Canada reach their goal to plant 15,000 new trees!
  • NABOB pods are recyclable, follow the 3 easy steps – just click, peel and recycle!

Embodying the holiday spirit, NABOB has partnered with Tree Canada and is encouraging Canadians to commit to recycling their coffee pods by visiting and taking the #NABOBPodPledge.

For every Canadian that pledges to the cause, NABOB with the help of Tree Canada will plant a tree in an area of need across Canada!

Website link:


After you pledge, fill out  a ballot below to win a Nabob gift pack