May 8, 2019 | by: markfirth



A bear trap has been set up by the Department of Energy and Resouce
Development in the West End of Dalhousie area to deal with recent reports of
a bear wandering the neighborhood. Department representative Jean Bertin tells
the Tribune bears have not come out of hibernation and are hungry. The
department is reminding people to keep their properties clear of garbage,
food scraps, and bird feeders.

Also people are reminded to not feed the bears not matter how cute they look.


A recent visit to Campbellton from Premier Blaine Higgs is being touted as a
positive for the local business community. The Premier was present at the May
3rd Campbellton Regional Chamber of Commerce Luncheon and took comments and
questions from the members reports the Tribune.

Issues such as regional cooperation, possible municipal reform, and increased
tourism to the north were discussed. Campbellton Mayor Stephanie
Anglehart-Paulin says they hit a lot of subjects that go around the
[commission] table often.

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NB/MCTN-Murder sentence

A Moncton man has been sentenced to life with no parole for at least 15 years
for killing his fiancee.

39 year old Rejean Yves Gautreau pleaded guilty earlier to killing 33 year
old Naomi Bartlett in their downtown Moncton apartment in April last year.
They got into an argument over his alcohol and drug use and he beat and
strangled her then stuffed her body wrapped in a rug into a closet.

Justice Jean-Paul Ouellette called the murder “brutal” and accepted a crown
recommendation of no parole for 15 years.

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New Brunswick’s Tory government has introduced legislative amendments that
would reinstate the tuition tax credit for students.

The tax credit would be available to full and part-time students attending
private and publicly funded institutions.

Students or their qualifying relatives would be able to apply for the tax
credit when they file their annual personal income tax returns beginning in

The amendments would also allow for tax credits from 2017 and 2018 to be
claimed for the 2019 and subsequent taxation years.


Alert Ready, the national emergency alert system, will be tested in New
Brunswick today at 10:55 a.m.

The system was successfully used in New Brunswick in August last year when
Environment Canada warned people of a potential tornado.

The test will take place on television, radio and on your wireless devices.

The New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization says it realizes many
people are still dealing with flooding but says it is crucial the twice
annual test take place.

NB/MCTN-Body armour

The R-C-M-P isn’t sure that all its officers have access to the rifles and
body armour they need to respond to an active shooter, almost five years
after three Mounties were gunned down in Moncton.

In a report released yesterday, interim auditor Sylvain Ricard said the
national police force has mismanaged the purchase, distribution and ongoing
maintenance of semi-automatic rifles known as carbines. The auditor also
discovered the R-C-M-P had enough hard body armour across the country, but
not all officers had access to the equipment.


Researchers say cancer cases in Canada will rise substantially if new
policies are not developed to decrease rates of the preventable kinds.

The study published in today’s journal Preventive Medicine says as many as
four in 10 cancer cases could be prevented by not smoking, by being
physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, having a nutritious diet and
practising sun safety.

The study was funded by the Canadian Cancer Society.

It suggests a lack of policies promoting behaviour changes could lead to
60-per-cent more cases of preventable cancer cases by 2042