March 13, 2019 | by: markfirth




“Design Built Mechanical” of Charlo is getting half a million dollars in cash
from the feds to diversify into new “clean technologies,” according to
Madawaska Restigouch MP Rene Aresenault.

That money will be used to develop an improved system for treating waste
water which should lower costs, alleged emmissions, and the amount of
chemicals used to treat algae.

*CAMP TIGERS  RF/EDIT  Thibeault = Tee-bow (bow as in bow and arrow)

Francis Thibeault and head coach Greg Leland of the Campbellton Tigers each
got the nod from the MHL as top defenseman and coach, respectively.

The Tigers open the playoffs at home this Friday against Edmunston.’



A cargo plane suffered significant damaged when it hit a snowbank at the
Romeo Leblanc Airport Monday.

Kallitta Air Vice President Pete Sanderlin tells Global news the 747 had just
landed and was following directions as it taxied on the tarmac when one if
its engines collided with a snowbank. None of the four crew or anyone on the
ground was hurt.

Sanderlin says repairs to plane could cost upwards of 2-million-dollars and
says he will be asking the airport to cover some of those costs. He says snow
clearing along the tarmac wasn’t adequate to accomodate a 747.

NB-Oland Murder

The judge in the Dennis Oland murder re-trial visited the site where Richard
Oland was brutally murdered in July 2011.

Defence lawyer Alan Gold requested that Justice Terrence Morrison visit
Oland’s office in uptown Saint John, arguing it was impossible to get a true
picture of the size of crime scene without seeing it in person. Morrison went
to the site yesterday with Dennis Oland and the lawyers after the defence
wrapped up its case.

The second-degree murder retrial has now adjourned until May 9th when closing
arguments will be presented.


Riverwatch 2019 is now in operation.

The Emergency Measures Organization has begun closer monitoring of snow and
water levels with hopes this spring will be much better than last year when
we had disasterous flooding.

The snow pack, especially in the north is much deeper than last year…but
the experts say that doesn’t neccessarily mean the rivers will be higher. It
depends, of course on the weather…with the ideal being melting temperatures
during the day that are not too high…and freezing temperatures at night to
slow it down.

Meanwhile residents who were flooded last year have rebuilt, some raising
their homes and cabins several feet…others building berms.

NB/MCTN-Nursing home protests

Negotiatrions are expected to continue today to try to resolve the contract
iompasse in nursing homes. Both sides agreed to a media blackjout on the
negotiations. But that doesn’t mean it was quiet.

Members of CUPE and other protestors were out on the streets in a number of
cities, including Moncton, Saint John, Miramichi and Fredericton. The union
has accused the government of using the court injunction granted on the
weekend to try to eliminate their right to strike. Social Development
minister Dorothy Shepard the stay of proceedings was to protect the safety of
nursing home residents.

More than 60 union members and supporters protested along Mountain Road in
Moncton near Finance Minister Ernie Steeves’ constituency office. Steeves was
not there.