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Dalhousie town council says its time for Ambulance New Brunswick to pay the
bill when town fire fighters have to answer ambulance calls.

The Tribune reports …. Mayor Normand Pelltier has asked Fire Chief Herby
Hickey to prepare a list of the number of times his department has responded
to 911 calls because an ambulance wasn’t close enough.

Council intends to invoice ANB … with the cost being as high as $300 an
hour and an additional $200 if a difibrillator is used.

The mayor says he has brought the issue up before and has been hearing from
other communities that it’s not unique to Dalhousie.


A man who went on a vehicle vandalism spree in October of 2018 has been
senteced to two years in jail.

37 year old Rodolphe (ROLL-DOLF) Albert Soucy (SUE-SEE)  was a patient at the
Restigouche Hospital Center when he escaped and damaged 13 cars.

Soucy defended himself at the trial and pleaded not guilty.

However, security cameras showed him actually commiting the acts.

Soucy has been given credit for 11 months already served and will be in
custody for the remaining 13 months of the sentence.


Dalhousie town clerk Gilles Legacy wants to know why the town isn’t paid for
insurance company reports the fire chief is asked to prepare.

The Tribune reports … Mayor Normand Pelltier agrees, saying it takes time
for the chief to prepare the reports and then send them out.

Fire Chief Herby Hickey says he does reports for almost all house fires.

The money would be put in the general coffers of the Fire Department if the
town is re-imbursed.

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NB/MCTN-Hospital attack

A teen is facing charges after another assault on a staff member at a
hospital in Moncton.

The 15-year-old boy was arrested after a 34 year old man was attacked at the
Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Monday night.

The teen has been sent for a 30 day psychiatric evaluation and will return to
court July 10th.

The man’s injuries were apparently not too serious…certainly not as bad as
those suffered by a nurse in March who is still recovering from various head


New Brunswick’s auditor general says the province has no policies to guide
the way it forgives overdue property taxes.

In an audit released Tuesday, Kim MacPherson says she found that despite
millions of dollars being forgiven at the discretion of the tax commissioner
and the provincial Treasury Board, the Department of Finance has no
procedures to guide such decisions.

As well, MacPherson found these decisions are not publicly reported. 

She says that without proper procedures, these decisions may lead to …
quote … “unfairness and inconsistencies.”


New Brunswick’s auditor general says the province’s automatic medicare card
renewal policy increases the risk of cards getting into the wrong hands.

Kim MacPherson reviewed medicare cards as part of her latest series of

She says existing cardholders are not evaluated for ongoing eligibility under
a process making it harder to identify those who are in-eligible.

MacPherson says the renewal policy and the decision to outsource certain
parts of the process also increased the risk of privacy breaches.

NB-MLAs co-operating

There seems to be a new mood of co-operation at the legislature.

According to the CBC …. with the house preparing to adjourn for the summer,
all four parties are setting up all party committees to discuss behind closed
door complicated issues such as healthcare reform and official languages.

During the spring session of the house on most issues, it was the PCs and
Alliance versus the Liberals and Greens.

But Universite de Moncton political scientist Roger Ouellette says …. they
seem to have decided they have to work together because nobody wants an