April 3, 2019 | by: markfirth



A Campbellton Funeral home has received approva to operate a crematorium on

The City of Campbellton had alreday adopted a by-law amendment for the Savoie
Funeral home property on Alexander Street to allow for the crematorium.

However, the plan still required approval from the Regional Service

The Tribune reports …. the funeral home has now received the green light
from the Service Comimission’s planning committee to open a crematorium –
with conditions.

Those conditions require the operation not to emit any noise, smoke or odour,
and to abide by all permits and regulations of the Department of Environment.


The Atlantic Salmon Federation is dissappointed after learning fishermen in
Greenland harvested more than twice as much salmon as anticipated last year.
An agreement had been reached with Greenland fishermen to limit the salmon
catch there to 20 tonnes, but the final numbers show over 40 tonnes were

Most of those salmon would have originated in North American Rivers like the
Miramichi or Restigouche…and their safe return to spawn in their home
rivers is vital to the future of the species.

Atlantic Salmon Federation’s Neville Crabbe tells the Tribune the silver
lining is that fishermen in Greenland are finally reporting their catches

NB/MIR-Nursing homes and Austin

There’s more pressure now on Premier Blaine Higgs to soften his stance in the
nursing home dispute.

The Leader reports People Alliance Leader Kris Austin told demonstrators
outside Miramichi MLA Michelle Conroy’s constituency office yesterday this
could be an issue that sees the Alliance end its support of the minority
Conservative government. Austin says the government has to offer a reasonable
deal to the workers a lot better than it’s offering now…but he wasn’t
specific about how much better.

The government has been adamant about limiting any wage hikes to one percent
or less.



A new report suggests staff at the Moncton Hospital where a nurse was fired
for adminstering a labour inducing drug have been concerned for months over
the high number of emergency c-sections taking place there. The report by CTV
news says concerned staff setup a sting operation to catch the nurse. Soon
after after one video allegedly showed the nurse removing and replacing IV
bags that were later examined. The IV bags had  puncture marks and the labour
inducing drug oxytocin was detected. The nurse in question was eventually
fired after she was caught doing the same thing on video a second time last
Wednesday. Both of the patients involved were forced to undergo emergency
c-sections and the hospital is now looking into as many as 120 similar cases
over the past two years. The nurse in question is now the subject of an RCMP
criminal investigation.


Two men were rescued from Northumberland Strait yesterday afternoon.

RCMP got a call about two people in the water about half a mile off the coast
of Saint-Thomas-de-Kent after their small boat capsized, according to the
Times and Transcript.

A fire department boat got to one man who was concious when he was pulled
from the water and taken to hospital. A second man was unconcious when he was
plucked from the water by a search and rescue helicopter about half an hour

No word yet on their conditions this morning.



A Moncton man says he’s being forced to move out of New Brunswick so he can
get access to a new prosthetic leg.

Marc Polley lost in leg in a motorcycle accident in the late ‘1990s.

He tells Global News It’s wrong that he has to move to Nova Scotia in order
to get a new prosthetic leg.

New Brunswick is one of the only provinces in Canada where prosthetic devices
aren’t covered by medicare.

NB/MCTN-Dead animals dumped

Several dead cats and dogs have been found dumped by a road in Memramcook.

Sackville RCMP Cpl. Brian Viller told the Times and Transcript the SPCA
picked up the animals which were under a tarp by the side of Renaissance
Extension Road. The SPCA says the animals were all in poor condition before
their deaths with no tags.

They will be conducting a joint investigation and are asking anyone who saw
anythingh suspicious in the area over the weekend or has information to call
RCMP or Crimestoppers.

NB-Lord’s prayer

A Green MLA wants to get rid of the daily Christian Prayer in the legislature.

Kevin Arseneau says it’s an explicitly Christian prayer and invocation.
Arsenault, the MLA for Kent North, says he waits outside the chamber until
it’s done and then goes in. He doesn’t thunk giovernment and religion should

Premier Blaine Higgs and People’s Alliance Leader Kris Austin say they
support individual religious rights but consider the daily prayer a tradition
rooted in the province’s heritage. and as long as he’s in power, Higgs says
it’s here to stay.

ALL-Jody gets the boot

The turmoil over the SNC-Lavalin scandal continues in Ottawa where Jody
Wilson-Raybould and Jane Phillpot were kicked out of the Liberal caucas

Wilson-Raybould tweeted she has no regrets, and can look at herself in the
mirror for doing what she says needed to be done based on principles and
values that must always transcend party. 

Prime Minister Trudeau says the trust that previously existed between the two
former ministers and the rest of the Liberal party has broken, and it is
clear the two women can no longer remain part of the Liberal team.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says the ejections send the message “If you
tell the truth, there is no room for you in the Liberal Party”.
Scheer appeared to invite the two former ministers and their supporters to
join his party.


Ottawa has announced how much money will be shared with provinces through an
accord that divides up the royalties from Atlantic Canada’s offshore oil and

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador will receive 2.5 billion dollars
from Ottawa over 38 years from the newly reviewed Atlantic Accord.

Premier Dwight Ball and federal cabinet minister Seamus O’Regan were in St.
John’s to announce the deal that will direct funds from Ottawa’s share in the
Hibernia offshore oil field to the province.

About 60 per cent of the money will come in the first decade.