May 14, 2019 | by: markfirth



Turkey Vultures are becoming commonplace in the Restigouche region. Retired
DNR biologist Alan Maddan tells the Tribune their’s been an explosion of
Turkey Vulture sightings in the area this spring. That includes 14 of the
large birds near his own property in Tide Head. They’ve alos been reported
circling the skies above Sugerloaf mountain. The large birds, unless seen up
close, are often mistaken in the sky for a hawk or an eagle. They dine on
already dead animals and can detect a meal from miles in the sky on their
sense of smell alone. Only a couple dozen confirmed sightings of Turkey
Vultures had been reported in New Brusnwick over the past century, but in
recent years a number of large roosting areas have been discovered and
sightings are becoming routine.


The Conservative Association of Madawaska-Restigouche will be announcing their candidate for the upcoming Federal election. The Conservative Party of Canada Cadidate will be running for the Madawaska-Restigouche seat against Liberal incumbent Rene Arseneault in the October election. The announcement will take place tomorrow at the Quality Hotel in Cambellton starting at 2PM.

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An independent consultant has been tasked with reviewing the policies,
practices and procedures of the New Brunswick Police Commission.

Retired assistant R-C-M-P commissioner Alphonse MacNeil will conduct the
review which is due this summer.

The commission’s board of directors made a formal request in January to help
identify an independent third party to perform the review.

The board requested the review to maintain public confidence in the
commission as an independent oversight body responsible for protecting the
public interest in matters of policing.


Hunters in New Brunswick who have not had the chance to hunt moose will now
see their odds improve with changes to theĀ  annual moose draw.

The province says number of ballots available to applicants whose names
haven’t had any luck in the last 20 years of 20 years in the random
computerized draw will increase to 243 from 81.

That will increase the probability of their success to 93.9 per cent. Another
change will require applicants to provide proof of proper training or
previous hunting experience before they can apply for the draw.

4-thousand-744 tags for harvesting a moose are being issued for the 2019
moose hunting season in New Brunswick.

About 60-thousand hunters apply each year.

NB/SJ-More Measles

The province’s chief medical officer of health is investigating a second
confirmed case of measles in the Saint John area.

Dr. Jennifer Russell says the case was confirmed at Kennebecasis Valley High
School…but doesn’t say if it’s a student or staff member. Russell says
public health officials are working closely with local officials to contact
individuals who may have been exposed to the affected individual.

Measles is highly-contagious through the air. Early symptoms of the measles
may include fever, cough, or tiny white spots in the mouth, followed by a red
blotchy rash within three to seven days.



One of the biggest stars from Hollywood’s golden age has died at the age of

Doris Day’s ability to sing, dance and play both comedic and dramatic roles
made her one of the biggest box office stars of all time.

She made 39 films including “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” “Love Me or Leave
Me,” and “Pillow Talk.”

Day devoted her later years to animal rights.