March 7, 2019 | by: markfirth



The Listuguj First Nation is taking steps regarding land it got back in a
court settlement ten years ago from the Busteed family.

Chief Darcy Gray tells the Tribune they are now working with an urban planner
to develop a community plan for future development on that land.

Gray says that plan will continue to protect the still-standing Busteed


New Brunswick MP Alaina Lockhart reaffirmed her support for embattled Liberal
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following the resignation of a second Liberal
cabinet minister over the SNC Lavalin scandel.

She told the Telegraph Journal that she’s disappointed they lost two cabinet
ministers, adding that it’s always disappointing to lose women’s voices at
the table.

But she maintains she is confident with their current government.


Health Council shows that gaps exist in
home-care satisfaction across the province.

Stephane Robichaud, the C-E-O of the provincial health council, says it’s not
simply a matter of rural versus urban communities.

He says when client’s were asked about the province’s supports for chronic
care and palliative care, there were variations across New Brunswick.

Robichaud says roughly 54 per cent of respondents said they were very
satisfied in the Shippagan area, while almost 90 per cent said they were
satisfied in the Hillsborough area near Moncton.

NB-Nursing home strike???
Nursing home workers in the province are gearing up for a strike to back
contract demands…but how many can legally walk out is in question.

Both sides in the contract dispute say a Labour Board decision in December on
whether the Essential Services in Nursing Homes Act violates the Charter of
Rights and Freedoms is unclear. They aren’t sure if it applies to all nursing
homes or just one in Fredericton.

Patrick Roy of CUPE told CBC they are interpreting it as meaning there are no
essential services and minimum staffing levels don’t have to be maintained,
so they are going ahead with a strike vote. 4,100 nursing home workers could
be in a legal position to walk out this weekend.

NB/SJ-Oland trial

Dennis Oland took the stand in his own defence at his second-degree murder
trial in Saint John yesterday and firmly testified he did not kill his

He told the crowded courtroom he wants to clear his name and he thinks it’s
important that people hear from his own voicxe he did not kill his father.

He admitted his relationship with his father was not perfect…there were
issues at times. But he also said his dad helped motivate him and counsel him
on life decisions.

MCTN-Child porn psych assessment??
A Moncton man remains in custody for now on child porn charges.

27 year old Dillon Turpin was in court yesterday for a bail hearing on sexual
assault and child porn charges but his lawyer asked for more time review the
Crown’s evidence. So the judge remanded him back into custody until the 15th,
according to the Times and Transcript. He also told the court he may be
asking for a psychiatric assessment.

Codiac RCMP arrested Turbin last week in connection with incidents that
happened between September 2016 and January 2018, involving a person under
N-B Power has bought a generating station in Saint John from Emera Energy for

The provincial utility says it’s been buying power from the
natural-gas-fuelled Bayside Generation Station through a long-term agreement
with Halifax-based Emera. C-E-O Gaetan Thomas says buying the station will
give N-B Power greater flexibility and will help lower its future costs.

As part of the agreement, the 20 employees at the facility will become N-B
Power employees.

As if dealing with all the snow wasn’t enough, mother nature had more to
throw at Miramichi last night…a small earthquake.

Earthquakes Canada reported a magnitude 3.0 hit this area at 11:17pm. It was
about 10 kilometres deep. Some may have felt in, some may have slept right
through it. No damage has been reported.

Kevin Vickers says he’ll decide by the end of the month if he’ll run for the
Liberal Leadership.

The Miramichi native and former hero of Parliament Hill tells CBC he intends
to tour the province to speak to voters and political experts before making a

Vickers recently resigned as Canada’s ambassador to Ireland to explore the
possibility of running for the leadership of the provincial liberals. He’s
best known for confronting a gunman on parliament hill in 2014 while serving
as the House of Commons Seargeant at arms.