February 7, 2019 | by: markfirth



According to the Tribune, Campbellton-Dalhousie MLA Guy Arseneault says that
cataract surgery will be offered again at the Campbellton Regional Hospital.

Arseneault added that surgery will begin in March, with a goal of having 64
surgeries per month.


Dalhousie mayor Normand Pelletier told the Tribune he’s upset about the
recent shortage of ambulances in the area.

Only two of the usual seven ambulances were on duty last Saturday night to
serve an area that stretches between St. Quentin to Bathurst.

He’s fired off a letter to the Resitigouche Regional Service Commission.

KV deer
Councils in the Kennebecasis Valley are still concerned about the deer
population as a nuisance.

Government wildlife biologist Joe Kennedy told a meeting in Hampton this week
the Nuisance Deer Management Assistance Program didn’t see as many homeowners
signing up as expected. It has allowed for bow hunting on private properties
since 2014 in efforts to thin the numbers. Kennedy says interest in the
program is waning either because home owners don’t like it or because they
aren’t as concerned about deer anymore.

Some municipal leaders argued they aren’t sure the long-term strategy is
getting the job done and suggested changes such as extending the season or
relocating deer.


Public intervener Heather Black says you will pay for NB Power’s debt one way
or another.

That’s due to storms and other unforeseen costs that have thwarted the
utility’s debt-reduction plan.

NB Power has asked the Energy and Utilities Board for a yearly average rate
increase of 2.5 per cent until 2029 to help the utility reduce the debt.

But documents NB Power filed with the board also point to a more drastic
option to reduce the debt: a 22.3 per cent rate increase over five years.


Health Canada has recalled mislabelled marijuana oil that was sold in New

According to the recall notice, no complaints or adverse reactions have been
reported to Health Canada or “CannTrust.”


NB/SJ-Oland trial

The Crown won’t be calling the ex-husband of Dennis Oland’s wife to testify
at the second degree murder trial.

The Crown said tuesday it would be calling Ronald Ferguson as a witness. The
defence had objections. Then yesterday the Crown announced in court he would
not be called.

The Telegraph-Journal reports Ferguson and Lisa Andrik Oland were divorced in
2003 and are currently in the middle of a legal fight in family court. She
accused him of timing their court fight to coincide with the murder trial.

NB/SUSS/SJ- RSC disbanded
The provincial government has disbanded the Regional Service Commission 8
board. The 11 member board has been deadlocked for months on how to spend its
2.2 million budget this year, according to CBC.

Now the province has appointed former Fredericton city clerk Brenda Knight to
make the decisions.

The RSC handles solid waste management and land planning for a large area
between Hampton and Anagance. It also serves the municipalities of Norton,
Sussex Corner and Sussex along with 14 local service districts.

The minister of local government can appoint a trustee if he feels the board
isn’t functioning or fulfilling its obligations.


Former NHL’er Eric Lindros is urging the feds to develop a national protocol
for preventing and treating sports-related concussions.

His N-H-L career was cut short due to repeated concussions.

He feels that young athletes should be prevented from making hits on
opponents until they’re in their mid-teens, and that any player who delivers
a hit to the head should face a severe penalty.


26 year old Dovie Nickels was arrested in a half-naked state after being
caught sexually-pleasuring herself in public in Austin, Texas, on an outdoor
hotel patio, then allegedly continued to do so, while handcuffed in a police

The woman was holding a silver object against her privates, in plain view.

A hotel worker said he heard the woman making “moaning noises.”