December 6, 2018 | by: markfirth



There may not be a hike in Campbellton water rates, or an overall tax

But that hinges on how much more the city will have to fork out in 2019
regarding health and safety costs imposed by the province, due to Worksafe NB

Cost-saving measures include that the travel budget for the mayor and council
have been cut, and no more free water or pop during city meetings.


Daniel Chouinard Excavation of St-Quentin has been fined 48 hundred dollars
by Campbellton court for letting employees use a faulty piece of equipment in
October of last year.

A worker was taking a big piece of machinery from one job site to another,
but he knew the brakes on the rig were not working.

He kept it in second gear, then lost control on Route 180 and went in the

Court concluded that the company knew the brakes were in bad shape, but
neglected to get them fixed.


49 year old Stephane Bujold of Kedgwick has confessed to sexual assault
charges against two victims.

He admitted to sexually touching a girl under the age of 16, and sexually
assaulting a different woman with a weapon causing bodily harm.

He will be sentenced in mid-February.


The annual Christmas Telethon for the Restigouche County Volunteer Action
Association on Sunday at the Sugarloaf Senior High School raised just under
41 thousand dollars, surpassing its goal of 40 thousand.


A three vehicle crash in Kedgwick on Route 17 on Tuesday afternoon sent two
people to hospital.

A northbound car collided head on with a southbound vehicle.

A third vehicle then hit the vehicles involved.


A Christmas log cake shortage in New Brunswick has lead to a cross-border
hunt for them.

Provincial grocery store chains confirm that no Vachon Festive Log cakes are

For many Acadians, Christmas wouldn’t be the same without abûche de Noël, or
Yule log.

In Caraquet, at the Pointe-Rocheuse grocery store, manager Line Cormier has
organized a buying trip to Quebec.

In French, she said that she made contacts on the Quebec side to find them.

She has orders for 300 of the cakes.

NB/SJ-Oland trial

Testimony at the Dennis Oland trial yesterday continued to focus on forensics.

Sgt. Mark Smith described how he took various samples from the crime scene in
Richard Oland’s office and from his body. Smith said there were noticible
injuries to the victim’s hands which were defensive. Several items were also
taken into evidence at the hospital as they looked for DNA samples. But Smith
admitted many of those samples were not sent for DNA analysis for over a

Other witnesses are expected on the stand today.

NB/NS-Robbery and chase

Two New Brunswick men are facing numerous charges after an atfgtempted home
invasion and police chase which ended in Painsec.

Two men tried to break into a home in Springhill late tuesday but failed and
took off down the Trans-Canada with police chasing. They were finally stopped
by a spike belt at the Painsac exit but then fled on foot. A police dog
tracked them down. They were taken to hospital with minor injuries. An RCMP
offuicer also suffered minor injuries.

A 42 year old man and a 36 year old, both from Riverview, are facuing several
charges in New Brunswick court for the chase and charges in connection with
the attempted home invasion will be dealt with in Nova Scotia.


A gas leak in downtown Fredericton yesterday morning forced local businesses,
residents, and even provincial politicans to evacuate.

Construction crews working at a downtown building near the legislature hit a
natural gas line, causing the leak, around 9:00am.

Buildings in the area, including the legislature and government offices were
evacuated as crews from Enbridge gas were called in to deal with the problem.