January 6, 2020 | by: markfirth


After a brief respite labour and delivery services at Campbellton Regional
Hospital close again today.

Services had been restored from December 23rd to this morning at 8:00am after
the initial closure caused by what management called extrodinary measures due
to overcrowding.

Vitalite Health Network says the closure is for an indefinite amount of time
but will reassess the situation on Friday.

Pregnant women can still go to Campbellton Regional Hospital for assessment
and basic services but deliveries will take place in Bathurst.

NB/MIR/CAM-Snowmobile accident
A Miramichi man was taken to hospital after a snowmobiling accident near
Rogers Lake Campsite off Route 430 northwest of Miramichi.

The 23-year-old man was taken to Chaleur Regional Hospital with serious
injuries, but not life-threatening, injuries after his machine left a trail
around mid-morning saturday.

RCMP said alcohol did not play a role in the crash.

A candlelight vigil was held yesterday evening in Rothesay where a
seven-year-old girl was killed by her mother, who then took her own life.

43-year-old Louise Cassie-Laflamme and her daughter Solange were found dead
in their apartment last Monday. Police say they have received information
from a number of people but haven’t been able to nail down a motive yet.

Before Christmas, there was a custody hearing where her estranged husband,
Marcel Laflamme who now lives in B-C, was granted increased access to his
daughter during summer vacations and certain holidays…but Cassie LaFlamme
would maintain full custody.

She never showed up in court..and the judge granted increased access to the
father. His lawyer tells CBC her mental health was never an issue during the
proceedings…no red flags whatsoever.


A passenger jet skidded off the end of a runway at the Halifax airport during
yesterday’s storm. There were no injuries but the Westjet 737 was disabled.

Flight 248 was en route from Toronto to Halifax and had landed just after
noon when the jet slid off the runway with 172 passengers and seven crew

The U-S airstrike that killed an Iranian general in Baghdad has left much of
the globe wondering what’s next.

The skyrocketing tensions are now being felt in Canada, with reports that
dozens of Iranians and Iranian-Americans were detained on their way back to
Washington state, crossing at the Peace Arch.

This according to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which says the
group had been attending an Iranian pop concert in Vancouver over the

A spokesman for Border Security Minister Bill Blair says the Canada Border
Services Agency — quote — “has no involvement in the matter.”

Australian officials are hoping a change in weather conditions will give them
a respite as they try to contain the wildfires devastating large parts of the

Officials are expecting some relief from cooler temperatures and lighter
winds as firefighters battle the blazes.

The wildfires have ravaged three Australian states, claimed 24 lives, and
prompted Prime Minister Scott Morrison to summon three-thousand reservists to
help with firefighting efforts.

Morrison is facing widespread criticism for his handling of the situation and
perceived slowness in deploying resources, but says now is not the time to
cast blame.

Five people werekilled in a massive crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike….and
60 others ended up in hospital, including young childre.

Police say the crash involved a passenger bus, two tractor-trailers and a
number of cars. The crash closed a 140-kilometre stretch of the turnpike for
several hours.