July 5, 2019 | by: markfirth



Water and sewer services are being extended to the Aboriginal Heritage Garden
building in Eel River Bar First Nation.

The water service will be extended from Eel River Dundee with the sewer
coming in from Charlo.

Denis Savoie tells the Tribune federal and provincial funding would be paying
for the work.

Tenders are posted for the work so a timeline and cost should be available


Ottawa is investing 2.2 million dollars in CBDC Restigouche’s national
project to help women entrepreneurs.

The funding, over four years, was announced today by Madawaska-Restigouche MP
Rene Arsenault.

The money will help CBDC Restigouche launch a national bilingual project
aimed at building loan capacity for women entreprenuers. It also provides web
based tools to help women entreprenuers eliminate barriers they face in
accessing financing.


The Campbellton Junior A Tigers have announced former NHLer Sandy McCarthy
has been hired as a full time associate coach.

The Tribune reports at a team press conference head coach and general manager
Greg Leland told the crowd they are determining McCarthy’s exact role but are
excited to have a quality coach and quality person on board for next season.

McCarthy who was drafted by the Calgary Flames in 1991 says he will help in
wherever he can and hopes to repeat and build on the sucess the team has last


A 43-year-old man from Oromocto First Nation has died after his ATV crashed
into a military pickup truck at Base Gagetown on Canada Day.

Roland Junior Sacobie was travelling with his common law wife and two
relatives at the time of the crash. The others were travelling on seperate

Family members rasied concerns to CBC because they say it took over 36
minutes for the ambulance to arrive. They say paramedics had trouble finding
their exact location.

Ambulance New Brunswick said they would not be able to comment on the matter.


Environment Canada has issued heat warnings for virtually all of New
Brunswick. Tempertures topped 30 degrees in some areas yesterday and
forecasters predict highs of  30 degrees Celsius or more throughout the
province today.

With the humidity, the temperature for most of New Brusnwick will feel like
38 degrees and nightime temperatures will also be above seasonal norms.

The heat warning advises against physical activity during peak hours of the
day – and urges caution, drinking lots of water and taking breaks in cool
places if you are working outdoors.


Foresters in New Brunswick will not have extra duties applied when selling to
the United States thanks to a ruling by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

CBC reports the Department has been investigating if New Brunswick assesses
forest properties too low at $100 per hectare, giving the province an unfair
advantage over US counterparts.

The ruling doesn’t completely let foresters off the hook saying the
assessments are far to low compared to land sales, but not enough to spark
further duties on the products.

Mike Legere of Forest NB says they welcome the news and are glad they’ve been
able to refute another claim of subsidy made by the US government.

NB-Nursing home update

The chief justice of the New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench Tracy Deware
has ruled a law making nursing home workers an essential service is
unconstitutional….but they can’t strike just yet.

Justice DeWare agreed to a provincial request to delay the impact of the
ruling until January to allow the government time to make the law comply with
the Charter of Rights.

Social Development Minister Dorothy Shepard meanwhile issued a statement
saying the judge’s decision is being reviewed, leaving open the possibility
of a further appeal to a higher court.

ALL/MIR-Phoenix retention bonuses

The Canadian Press has learned the federal government has let an agreement
expire that gave retention bonuses to workers in Miramichi trying to deal
with the backlog of problems created by the Federal Phoenix pay system.

The incentive package to attract and retain compensation advisers to work at
the pay centre in Miramichi had been in place since August 2017, but expired
in June.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada said Ottawa decline to take action
despite their repeated requests to extend the retention bonues.


A federal scientific review says speed restrictions and fishing zone
enclosures in the Gulf of St. Lawrence may not be doing enough to protect
critically endangered North Atlantic right whales.

Six have died since the beginning of last month off the east coast.

Scientists found that speed restrictions reduced the risk of lethal strikes
by 56 per cent, but 111 vessels were caught travelling over the limit between
April 28th and June 27th.