July 24, 2020 | by: markfirth



Lion’s Mane jellyfish have arrived in Nepisiguit Bay off Bathurst this year
sooner than expected and in both much lager size and numbers.

Resident Sabine Bittner who swims in the habour regularly tells CBC the
creatures have arrived four to six weeks earlier than usual and many are much
larger than in the past.

Lion’s Mane aren’t a favorite of swimmers as their tentacles shoot barbs
containing venom that Bittner says you will live through, but its strings
pretty bad.

Nick Record of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences says they have
reports of increased activity all over Atlantic Canada and says he is digging
into possible causes.


X-Terra Resources says gold exploration in Restigouche County will continue
as it has been granted all necessary work permits.

A release from the company also says it has been given a 35-thousand-dollar
grant by the New Brunswick Junior Mining Assistance Program for continued
work at the Grog property.

Part of that work will be a detailed geochemical sampling program and ground
IP survey.

Winter drilling on Grog located to the southwest of Campbellton showed gold
leading to the additional exploration.

CAM – EXPENSIVE NOISE                   BILL/TRIBUNE                    THUR AFT

Stopping vehicles from entering the waterfront along Ramsay Street is going
to be a lot more expensive than originally thought.

Council was looking into ways to keep vehicles away from the homes as
residents have complained of late night noise from donuts and large groups of

According to the Tribune at a recent Finance and Administration Committee
meeting council was told the original estimate of 5-to 7-thousand-dollars has
ballooned to 23-thousand.

The city had hoped to reuse some existing concrete blocks, but they aren’t
large enough and the new estimate is for new ones.

Council said that was too expensive and instructed staff to look at possible
fencing options.

NB/CAM-Kitchen fire

Nobody was hurt when a kitchen fire broke out yesterday afternoon in

A family of four was displaced by the fire which was quickly contained to the
kitchen…but there was smoke damage to the rest of the house on Duncan

The Red Cross is helping with emergency lodgings and supplies for the couple
and their two young children.


New questions on the federal census will give New Brunswick a better idea of
how many families have a right to send their kids to a francophone school.

According to CBC, Statistic Canada is adding five new questions on
next-year’s short form that deal with minority language use.

President of the Acadian Society Alexandre Cédric Doucet says he believes
there are many mixed language families not known about that have a
constitutional right to attend a francophone school.

Education Minister Dominic Cardy says he is looking forward to the data so
the province can clarify exactly where the population is so they can more
carefully target programs.

NB – LAKE PARTY                 BILL/TJ/SCRUM                   FRI AM

A large party held at Fanjoys Point on the eastern shore of Grand Lake is
bring slammed by the province as illegal and a threat to public health.

Images and videos of the party last weekend showed up on social media with
large crowds in boats and on shore with no physical-distancing or masks to be

Premier Blaine Higgs addressing reporters called it very concerning because
we’ve seen events like these cause a rise in COVID-19 cases in other parts of
the country.

In a statement to Brunswick News Public Safety spokesperson Coreen Enos says
large gatherings with no distancing, no masking and no records are illegal
and a threat to public health.