April 5, 2019 | by: markfirth



The Restigouche Regional Service Commission has given its approval to
Campbellton’s plan to sell off some public land along Walker Brook.

The Tribune reports the city wants to sell a portion of the land near Brook
Terrace to developer Beauworth Incorpoarted for a possible new subdivision.

The land is currently zoned parkland and as such required the approval of the
Service Commision’s planning committee.

While the commission granted the approval, it came with conditions and a

The committes says a buffer zone of the regulated Walker Brook will have to
be eastablished before any development can be approved and the land would
still have to go through a rezoning process.

It also notes the land is in a 100-year-flood zone that could also prevent
future development.

NB-Winds and power

The heavy winds yesterday not only knocked out electricity to tens of
thousands of people in the province…they may it had for NB Power crews to
fix them. They can’t go up the poles to string lines when the winds are still
gusting heavily.

They had the numbers down to about 1,800 this morning with most of the
remaining outages in the greater Moncton and Fredericton areas with other
smaller outages scattered around the province.

NB-Organ donations

Health Minister Ted Flemming has asked his staff to look closely at a Nova
Scotia Bill which would change the way organ donations are done.

Nova Scotia would be the first jurisdiction in Canada to institute presumed
consent for donations and individuals would have to opt out. Flemming says
that’s an idea well worth considering.

People under 19 or those who don’t have the ability to consent for themselves
would not be included.

Surveys show about 90% of Canadians are in favour of organ donations but only
about 20% have signed donor cards.



Another derailment of a VIA Rail train…this time northwest of Moncton.

Two cars went off the tracks yesterday afternoon near Coal Branch, but
remained upright. None of the 94 passengers and 15 crew were injured.
Via made arrangements to get the passengers to their destinations.

No word yet what caused the derailment. The Transportation Safety Board has
sent a team to investigate.


A Court of Queen’s Bench justice has reserved his decision in a case in
Monctoon about a pending hip surgery, the wait time, and just who will pay
for it.

Court was told the applicant, Hilary Eccleston, was faced with a four-year
wait for arthroscopic hip surgery in the public health care system.

An application was filed in court, stating her insurance company should cover
the 28-thousand dollar cost to have the procedure done at a private clinic in
the Halifax area.

Eccleston was injured in a car crash in May 2015, and was placed on the
public wait list in December 2017.



The Supreme Court of Canada has denied an appeal from the City of Saint John
against a class-action lawsuit launched by victims of Ken Estabrooks.
Estabrooks sexually abused hundreds of children while serving as a Saint John
police officer and later as a city works employee.

The case was certified as a class-action suit two years ago but the city had
appealed that – saying the $26 million lawsuit would have far reaching
consequences for the city and create a problematic precedent. The Supreme
Court of Canada refused to hear the city’s appeal and the case will now move


The state of striped bass in the Miramichi River made its way to parliament
hill this week.

The Leader reports representatives from DFO were grilled by MP’s in a
parliamentary committe on a number of issues, including the sudden decline of
striped bass in the river. DFO told MPs that more study is needed to
understand the rapid boom and bust of striped bass stocks in the Miramichi.
The angling spotlight has returned in recent years to the river with the
internationally-recognized Striper Cup.

Right now the event will go ahead as planned in 2019 but DFO has warned a
further decline in bass stocks could jeopardize the event in the future.