November 8, 2018 | by: markfirth






A Campbellton woman, whose name has not been released, was taken to hospital
after her car flipped over on Route 11 in Tide Head yesterday (Wednesday)
afternoon around two.

She suffered non life-threatening injuries.


The city of Campbellton will pay over 76 hundred dollars to fix
an oil leak on the fire departments aerial ladder truck.

In addition, they will buy out the remainder of its lease for one of its
pickup trucks for just over 19-thousand, 5 thousand will go to Goodyear
Canada for tires for city owned vehicles, and just over 55 hundred will go to
Aquatics Specialists to replace the lane blocks at the Civic Centre pool.


Dennis Oland’s second-degree murder trial in Saint John has been dealyed
again, this time for nearly two weeks.

Oland’s second trial in the death of his father was scheduled to begin
tuesday. That was delayed until yesterday…and now unresloved legal issues
have forced the start of the trial to be delayed until November 20th. The
judge apologized to the jurors for the delay in starting what is already
expected to be a four month trial.


Matthew Raymond, accused of murdering two police officers and two civilians
in Fredericton in August will get his wish to hire a new lawyer.

Provincial court Judge Julian Dickson agrees that Raymond should have a new
lawyer, and one will be appointed next Wednesday.

Raymond told the court that his lawyer was withholding evidence that would
allow him to be exonerated immediately because of temporary insanity.

Raymond is charged with first-degree murder in deaths of Fredericton police
constables Sara Burns and Robb Costello, and civilians Donnie Robichaud and
Bobbie Lee Wright.

NB-CUP-W strikes
The rotating Canada post strikes came to several New Brunswick cities and
towns yesterday includ Campbellton.

George Nickerson, of CUP-W, says the strikes are over health and safety
conditions and inequality in pay between rural and urban letter carriers. He
points out they’ve been negotiating for almost a year and there’s been no
movement on the major issues.

NB-Teen prank

A teen has been arrested after a porank call forced closure of several school
in the North-West Francophone School District in the morning of Halloween.

The 15 year old boy was in court yesterday afternoon on public mischief and
other charges. He’ll be back in court December 5th to enter a plea.

The City of Edmundston issued a release saying the threatening call and 18
school closures, affecting 5,000 students, caused a lot of anguish.

NB-Higgs wants his weed
Premier-designate Blaine Higgs wants to know why about half of the CannabisNB
stores are closed down because of a shortage of product. A dozen of Cannabis
NB’s 20 stores around the province were closed at some time this week because
their shelves were bare.

Higgs has questioned the model the previous government set up to sell legal
cannabis through a government monopoly rather than through private companies
operating stores.