February 16, 2021 | by: Dave Montgomery

CKNB News February 16,2021




CAMP-PROPERTY TAX                                                    RM / TRIBUNE                                   TUES AM


Municipalities in Restigouche will be getting some extra money in the form of property tax revenue this year.


The Province announced the extra money due to the elimination of the Permanent Assessment Gap, which allowed some residentital properties to be assessed below their value.


The change has affected over 100,000 residents in the province.


According to the Tribune – Campbellton will receive around $83,000 while Dalhousie will get over $64,000






NB-COVID numbers  2                (Gov. cbc ctv tue.am)



Public Health reported another New Brunswicker losing their battle with COVID-19. It’s a man in his 80s in a long-term care home in Edmundston.


After 16 cases reported saturday…there were just two sunday and one yesterday. The active case count is down to 140.



The second wave continues to ease across the country with just 1,100 new cases reported yesterday and an active case count of about 35 and a half thousand….and only 19 deaths were reported…but the low numbers may because of the holiday.







On the Ice….the Senators stormed back from a four goal deficit to beat the Leafs 6-5 in overtime. The Jets edged the Oilers 6-5 in regular time. Calgary clipped the Canucks 4-3 in O-T.



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NB-HYBRID SCHOOLING                                                RM / BRUNSWICK NEWS                                                               TUES AM


It looks like the hybrid schooling model will be sticking around for the forseeable future.


The model involves students alternating between in person and virtual learning every other day.


Many have criticized it and say it has hindered student mental health.


Deputy Education Minister for the francophone sector, Marcel Lavoie tells Brunswick News – he’s been pushing to explore more options to bring back a sense of normalcy for students and hopes in person classes can be brought back before the end of the school year.


Education Minister Dominic Cardy acknowledged the model is less than ideal but says right now the virus calls the shots.



NB-LIFE EXPECTANCY                                                      RM / CBC                                                             TUES AM


The average life expectancy for New Brunswickers has fallen for the first time in decades


Life expectancy for those born between 2017 and 2019 is 80 years and eight months, That’s down four months from the previous estimate of 81 years.


The life expectancy in the province is also 16 months shorter than the Canadian average of 82 years.


Stéphane Robichaud, CEO of the New Brunswick Health Council tells CBC the province is suffering from an increase in deaths that could have been preventable or treatable, and that lifestyle choices can be attributed.


He also says an aging population and distibution of healthcare service is an isssue with home-care systems failing 4 in 10 residents, with no improvement in patient care



NB-SLEEPING PILLS                                          RM / CBC                                                             TUES AM


A study has found 1 in 4 New Brunswick seniors take sleeping pills, The highest rate in Canada


Now a new study called YAWNS, Your Answers When Needing Sleep, hopes to fix that.


Accoding to CBC The study involves sending information that explains a treatment called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia, or CBTi, to seniors known to be taking medication for sleeping.


The idea is to send the information directly to the person having trouble sleeping, instead of health-care providers, to see if they will take that information into consideration and ask for alternatives to medication.


Regular use of sleeping pills can lead to dependence, memory loss and unsteadiness,



*NB-COVID NUMBERS     (jhw-am-CP-Feb 15-21)


Health officials in New Brunswick are reporting 16 new cases of COVID-19.


Fifteen of the cases have been identified in the Edmundston region while one case was found in the Moncton area.


Active cases of the disease in the province now sit at 160.


Seven people are currently hospitalized because of the virus, three of whom are in intensive care.




NB-SMALL BIZ COVID       (jhw-am-CP-Feb 13-21)


The Opposition Liberals say the Higgs government isn’t doing enough to support businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Interim Liberal Leader Roger Melanson used question period yesterday to say the premier is too focused on controlling the deficit instead of assisting

small- and medium-sized businesses.


Higgs says he’s focused on getting value for the money the government spends rather than just spending more money.


The legislature was in session for just one day yesterday to complete work on a number of bills and will sit again in March for the provincial budget.






The province has announced the schedule for upcoming public consultations on the future of health care in New Brunswick.


The consultations are part of a virtual tour of the province by Health Minister Dorothy Shephard.


Members of the public will be able to attend and submit feedback for consultations in their communities.


The first of 15 public sessions, to be held over zoom, will take place Thursday, March 4th for the Sackville area.


Other dates include March 11th for residents in Caraquet; March 18th in Sussex; March 25th in Campbellton; March 30th in Moncton; April 8th in Saint John; April 22nd in Miramchi and  teh final session on April 27th for people in the Edmunston area.


The public engagement tour on the future of health care was first announced shortly aftert he Higgs government backed away from a plan to implement overnight closures of Emergency Departments in a number of rural communities.






An 80-year-old woman has died following a two-vehicle collision west of Moncton.


The RCMP says a tractor-trailer and a car collided on the Trans-Canada Highway near Havelock late Thursday afternoon.


They say the crash is believed to have occurred when the car was attempting to change lanes.


The driver died at the scene and an 81-year-old female passenger — both from Dieppe — was taken to hospital with what are believed to be serious injuries.





A 23-year-old Miramcihi man has died following a snowmobile crash in Bryenton, north of Renous.


The RCMP from Sunny Corner says they were called to the scene of the crash, on a trail near route 8, shortly after midnight Friday.


Police say it appears the man lost control of the machine and struck a tree.


He was rushed to hospital but later died of his injuries.






ALL-Vaccine-Guidance                (wire tue.am)


Canada’s national advisory committee on immunization is out with new guidance, as the number of doses arriving this week is due to rise.


Adults from racialized communities, which have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic, should be prioritized for shots in the second stage of the vaccination campaign.


The Public Health Agency of Canada expects Pfizer/BioNTech to deliver more than 400,000 doses this week and 450-thousand each week until early April.

But those numbers are based on them insisting on six doses per vial instead of the previous five.




*ALL(Cda)-VARIANT         (jhw-am-CP-Feb 15-21)


Canada’s top doctor is once again warning of the dangers of lifting public health restrictions, as all 10 provinces report cases of highly contagious variants of COVID-19.


Dr. Theresa Tam says keeping strict measures in place will help to prevent variants from reaccelerating the epidemic and making it much more difficult to control.


Manitoba lifted a number of restrictions this weekend, even as mounting cases in the northern community of Cross Lake First Nation prompted a stay-at-home order for residents.


Ontario is also gearing up to reopen parts of its economy following a stay-at-home order that was put in place last month. (5)




*ALL(Cda)-COVID VACCINE     (jhw-am-CP-Feb 15-21)


Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues despite a number of challenges.


Nearly one-million-253-thousand doses have now been doled out across the country.


Just over 95 per cent of the approximately 1.3-million doses Canada has received have now been administered.


And while Canada awaits more vaccine, its chief public health officer, Doctor Theresa Tam, is urging provinces to maintain strong public health restrictions as new virus variants arise.




ALL(Cda)-COVID NUMBERS    (Jhw-am-CP-Feb 15-21)


Officials say the latest tally of two-thousand-432 new infections has pushed Canada’s overall COVID-19 case count to 825-thousand-785.


Another 65 deaths were also reported on Sunday.


Still, the officials note that while there are almost 36-thousand active cases, more than 768-thousand-500 infections have been resolved.


In total, 21-thousand-293 Canadians have lost their lives to the pandemic.